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Baldape Parlour - Back & Body Hair Removal - The Silverback Kit

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The first-class ticket to a silky smooth back & body. Follow our simple step-by-step guide and tips for best results. Why you'll love it: * No need for razors, helpers or salon treatments * Avoid irritation and get smooth, healthy, long-lasting results * Natural & vegan friendly ingredients * Reusable & machine washable * Most suitable for mild to moderate back and body hair "Give your back some TLC with the unique Silverback Kit from Baldape Parlour. Using the 'lather & loof' technique, it offers a one-stop shop for back & body grooming" -GQ How do hair removal creams work? Hair removal (depilatory) creams contain certain alkaline chemicals that safely react with the hair on your body. They break down the Keratin (the protein structure of your hair), causing it to weaken and dissolve. This leaves the hair in a jelly-like state which can be easily wiped away. The Silverback kit contains: 1 x Charcoal Hair Removal Cream 1 x Helping Hand 1 x Loofah