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Baldape Parlour - Charcoal Hair Removal Cream

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Our all body hair removal formula for men. We use natural ingredients to deliver smooth, long-lasting and healthy results. Our formula eliminates hair in as little as 3 minutes while leaving the skin feeling moisturised.   * Hair removal formula designed for male hair * Suitable for all areas of the body * Clears hair down to below skin level for maximum smoothness * Charcoal and bamboo extracts promote healthy skin * Less irritation, no sharp stubble and longer-lasting results than shaving * Made with natural and vegan friendly ingredients, free from animal testing How do hair removal creams work? Hair removal (depilatory) creams contain certain alkaline chemicals that safely react with the hair on your body. They break down the Keratin (the protein structure of your hair), causing it to weaken and dissolve. This leaves the hair in a jelly-like state which can be easily wiped away.