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Circa 1890 - Amazonite Pendulum Dowsing Necklace | Stone of Hope

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Amazonite... stone of "Hope and Prosperity." This old-world pendulum allows the wearer to keep the pendulum close at hand, while showing it off as a necklace, offering both beauty and function with its dual purpose design. Amazonite is an all-round positive stone, packed with metaphysical attributes. A soft blue/green feldspar stone, Amazonite is soothing on the emotions, easing both fear and worry. A personal favorite at Circa 1890, Amazonite dispels negative energy and balances male and female energy. This stone of “universal and self-love” inspires hope, self-confidence and aides in communication. Amazonite is an excellent stone for prosperity and enhances creativity and self-expression. With a 12 mm, beautifully faceted, Amazonite focal stone, this necklace measures 17 inches in length. Topped with deep antique bronze, filigree and corrugated detailing, it features a classic roped-edge toggle front closure and midpoint decorative bead as a holding point to operate the pendulum.