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Circa 1890 - Black Onyx Pendulum Dowsing Necklace | Success & Harmony

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Black Onyx has a long history of being used for protection and centering. Aiding in wise decision-making, intuitiveness, and instilling confidence, Black Onyx deflects negative energy and enhances personal strength. Also thought of as the stone for banishing grief and sorrow, it can enhance happiness by drawing from the energies that are most needed. The benefits of its intuitive guidance can enhance pendulum readings and promote inner harmony. Black onyx is known as a stone of “success” and “good fortune.” With a 12 mm Black Onyx focal stone, this elegant, old-world necklace measures 17 inches in length. Topped with deep antique bronze filigree detailing, it features a classic roped-edge toggle front closure. The wearer will always have a pendulum ready at hand when wearing this Black Onyx necklace. Simply gather the chain at the end, until you reach the bead at the center, and that becomes the holding point to operate the pendulum.