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Circa 1890 - Carnelian Vintage Style Earrings

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Rich and warm, these Carnelian gemstone earrings are not only suitable for the fall and winter season, but the clarity and depth of color could just as easily be coordinated with the vibrant colors of the warmer months. These gorgeous Carnelian gemstone earrings are set in an antiqued teardrop frame with a finely detailed inner frame. These earrings measure 1 7/8 inches in length. Carnelian ranges in color from a light, brick-orange to dark and rich burgundy, offering a glowing warmth. At Circa 1890 we carefully select, and match our Carnelian stones to ensure they are within the rich, darker range. Carnelian is an "energizing" stone known for enhancing perceptiveness and promoting courage. Awakening the wearer to her innate talents and encouraging motivation, makes this stone an all-round positive choice for everyday wear. Thought to be a gemstone for personal power and leadership, Carnelian considered a stone of "good vibrations."