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Cool Hand Nukes - 100% Cotton Microwavable Bowl Cozy - A Guac On The Wild Side

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Avocadoes may look a little wierd, but they're delicious. They also have a very short window between being less than ripe and being TOO ripe.. but this gorgeous avocado pattern will always be just right. The back is a lovely coordinating green in a soft batik. ( If you love this bowl cozy pattern, it's also available as a Squishy Basket! ) Handmade in Nova Scotia and ready to be a perfect gift for someone you care about. A bowl cozy A Bowl Cozy makes a great hostess or housewarming gift, too! High quality 100% cotton, microwavable bowl cozy, machine washable. Fits a standard bowl with a 4-8″ diameter.   Cool Hand Nukes is a project, not just a shop.