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Cool Hand Nukes - 100% Cotton Microwavable Bowl Cozy - Last Stop is Home

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** More can be made of this design ** 100% cotton microwavable bowl cozy with a gorgeous cranberry, white and turquoise pattern on the front, and a coordinating dark and light turquoise coloured design on the back, with a Rescue theme. *** This item is one of four items in our current Save A Life Canada fundraiser... if you've landed here through the site and don't know what this is about, please click here for more information, and thank you!! *** Handmade in Nova Scotia and ready to be a perfect gift for someone you care about. A Bowl Cozy makes a great hostess or housewarming gift, too! High quality 100% cotton, microwavable bowl cozy, machine washable. Fits a standard bowl with a 4-8″ diameter.