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Gio the Stuffed German Shorthair Pointer Flopsie

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They say it is rude to point but Gio the Stuffed German Shorthair Pointer Flopsie by Aurora just calls it a job! Featuring a floppy, bean-weighted body and measuring about twelve inches long, this German shorthair pointer stuffed animal is sure to make any German shorthair pointer lover happy as a clam. Huh? Why would a plush animal make you feel like a clam? That seems silly. Let's focus more on the stuffed German shorthair pointer and forget the clam. We're certain that if you take Gio the Stuffed German Shorthair Pointer Flopsie on a test drive, you'll fall in love. Super soft plush fur, along with the floppy body, mean that Gio handles well but what about safety and durability? Get this, lock washer eyes and a lock washer nose come standard on this German shorthair pointer plush animal. What's that mean? It means you really have to yank and pull to remove Gio's eyes and nose. We all know that's not going to happen which means that Gio will be intact, in one cute and cuddly piece, for a long time