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Realistic Stuffed Shih Tzu Puppy

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There are many benefits to owning the Realistic Stuffed Shih Tzu Puppy 9 Inch Miyoni Plush by Aurora. First of all, this plush shih tzu puppy is completely housebroken. You'll never be woken up in the middle of the night to let this stuffed shih tzu puppy outside. Secondly, it listens much better than a real dog. From the very moment you receive this shih tzu puppy stuffed animal it will give you its undivided attention. Beyond that, no landlord in the world would require an extra security deposit to let this realistic plush shih tzu puppy live with you. So far this stuffed shih tzu puppy doesn't sound very realistic at all, does it? The realism is all in its appearance. The Miyoni line of stuffed animals by Aurora focuses on excellent design, coloring, and detail. These stuffed animals are a cut above the rest and are made using advanced techniques like airbrushing and fabric shading to enhance their realism.