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Royal Orient Cosmetic GmbH - Travertine stone - soap dish - oblong

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3 different colors (light, noce, gold) 4 pieces each This untreated natural stone comes from the Troy region of Turkey. Travertine (Latin 'lapis tiburtinus' stone from tibur) is a more or less porous limestone of light, usually yellowish to brown color, which precipitates from cold, warm or hot freshwater sources as spring lime. The precipitation of the natural stone is caused by heating the water in the air, whereby carbon dioxide escapes, which reduces the solubility for the lime. The small cavities and holes were created by enclosed plant parts during the formation of the rock. The fine pores bind excess water from the soap and thus enable optimal storage. The travertine is permeable to water and therefore keeps the soap dry and comfortable. 14.5 x 7 cm natural, handmade