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SOAK Bath Co - Cocoa Butter Bath Melt

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Bathers rejoice! These Cocoa Butter Bath Melts are arguably the most luxurious product in the product line. Handpoured with care, each of these squares is made with raw cocoa butter and a splash of sweet almond oil for the ultimate bath moisturizer. A pinch of pink himalaya salts and botanicals have been added to each square to give a little extra nourishment for the body. How to Use: Drop the bath melt into the tub + it will melt with the heat of the bath water turning into a bath oil. Massage the oil into the skin + it will leave skin feeling hydrated. See video for demonstration: Ingredients: Cocoa Butter Sweet Almond Oil Himalaya Pink Salts Jasmine Petals Rose Petals Chamomile Petals