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Small Caramel the Old Fashioned Teddy Bear

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Small Caramel the Old Fashioned Teddy Bear by Aurora is a throwback, a tribute to tradition, a timeless teddy bear, a, well, you get the point. This small caramel colored teddy bear hearkens back to days of yore when a good teddy bear was all a kid needed to get through the day. Back when a coke was a coke and cuddling was cuddling. Small Caramel's old fashion design is based around the small, centered facial area. The little black eyes and oval-shaped brown nose are set in a light tan area in the middle of Small Caramel's head in the same manner that teddy bears were produced a long time ago. This tan fur is matched by the fur on the bottoms of Small Caramel's feet. It's a look and style that never gets old! The fittingly named Small Caramel's caramel colored fur is shaggy and textured with multiple tones mingling together to create an unique color pattern.